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How to select a smartphone by brand, manufacturer, carrier or feature?

What is your price range?

First, decide how much money you are willing to spend. Apple customers will know that iPhones are more expensive than Android phones. An iPhone SE (2020), which costs around $400, may be the best budget smartphone for iOS. Samsung is another high-priced manufacturer with models in all price ranges. You’ll also find brands such as Motorola, Honor, Nokia and Honor at the lower end. Phones that are subsidized by a carrier can be paid in monthly installments over a period of a year or more to save money on upfront costs. These financial arrangements will not save you money long-term, but they will make it more affordable to buy a higher-end phone with more features. Take a look at our list of the top cheap phones to get an idea about what’s available. You can still get a smartphone on a budget for as low as $100 if you are really tight on your spending.

Begin by creating a list listing the most important features your smartphone should have. This list can be used to compare different devices. Consider the following: Do you really need a phone that has a large screen or a smaller one? Are you looking for one-handed use? Do you want the longest battery life and the best camera phone? Are you looking for a large storage space to store your music and photos? You might be a frequent traveler who needs dual-SIM phones. Are 5G plans to become a part of your local landscape?