Wireless Charger

How to choose the best wireless charger for your smartphone ?

It’s a simple concept to charge your phone wirelessly. Simply place your smartphone on top a pad placed on your nightstand. Electricity flows into your device from the grid so that you can scroll through newsfeeds or watch social media posts the next day. Since 2015, smartphones have wireless charging technology inside (it was a Blackberry! ), but Apple inserted a wireless charging coil in its iPhone X/ iPhone 8 devices last year. This made it go from a “hey neat!” feature into a necessary addition to any smartphone’s spec sheet.

Although wireless chargers are easy to use, choosing the right one can prove difficult. The effectiveness of your new power system can be affected by factors such as design, power level, and form factor. These are the main things you should consider before making the switch to wireless power.

Selecting a brand

Some manufacturers produce their own wireless chargers. The Pixel Stand charger is made by Google, and the array of wireless pads by Samsung. Apple promised its own wireless charging station with a technology called AirPower but it hasn’t come through despite being announced over a year ago.

It doesn’t really matter which brand you choose, as long as the company is trustworthy. The Wirecutter recommendations can be viewed here. This team does an amazing job sorting through hundreds of products.

However, sometimes buying a first-party charging cable that is the same brand of your smartphone can offer some advantages. For example, the Pixel Stand turns your smartphone into both a digital photo frame and an alarm clock.