Phone Charger

How to Choose a Portable USB Charger and Battery Pack

It can be stressful to watch your tablet or phone slowly run out of power when you are far from a power source. Third-party backup batteries are available in every capacity and size. Many power banks offer many features, including fast charging, wireless charging and AC adapters. Some even allow you to jump start your car. No matter your budget, there are portable chargers that can keep your device running even when the battery icon is in the red.

There are so many power banks to choose from. How can you decide which one is best for you? For the top points to remember, read on.

Size and capacity

The battery’s capacity and number of ports will generally increase the larger it is. A power bank that fits comfortably in your pocket is good for one or two full charges, but anything that will keep you going all day will require a bag or purse.

The pocket-friendly side of things is that most batteries with a capacity greater than 5,000mAh are small enough to charge most phones once.

The size of a battery that exceeds 5,000mAh is no longer small enough to fit in your jeans, but it can still be stored in your jacket pocket. Power banks can even charge your phone up to 10 times. They are heavy and bulky so they should be packed in a bag.