Mobile phone Holder

Mobile Phone Holder how to choose

These Mounts are becoming more common with integrated Qi wireless charging. These mounts can be powered by your vehicle’s DC port and will save you the hassle of plugging in your phone every time you get in the car. These mounts are compatible with both Android and iPhone devices. This is an easy way to charge your phone wirelessly if you forget to plug it in.

Car phone mounts typically max out at 10W to charge Android phones, and 7.5W to charge iPhones. MagSafe-compatible chargers can be used just like regular Qi chargers and are capable of charging up to 7.5W. MagSafe-compatible chargers are not yet available that support 15W charging.

Size Matters
Car phone mounts are limited to a specific size phone, so make sure your phone is supported before you purchase one. Make sure the spring-loaded mount is wide enough to fit your phone. Check the maximum weight for magnetic mounts. Don’t forget about the case size and weight.

Get Tech to Upgrade Your Car

Mounts for phones are only the beginning. You can transform an old vehicle by adding the right technology. For a completely new ride, upgrade your car with these high-tech accessories.