The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Pencil

1. Wooden pencils are durable and affordable. Wooden pencils, with or without erasers, are the most affordable writing tools. This option is great if you have limited funds. If you have to press hard while writing, you should consider a wooden pencil. The graphite in wooden pencils is able to withstand pressure.

2. A mechanical pencil is convenient. These pencils don’t require sharpening and can usually be refilled. For the right length and diameter of the lead for your pencil, refer to the package. A mechanical pencil may also be an option for standard tests, as its thinner lead makes it easy to fill in small blanks.

The price of good quality, non-disposable mechanical pencils is usually higher than those made from regular pencils. Many allow for lead and eraser replacement, so you can use one pencil longer.

3. For general use, choose HB (#2) Lead. This is the standard medium hardness of lead used in mechanical and wooden pencils. It can be used to write an essay or bubble up the answers for a test. There’s a good possibility that the pencil or lead isn’t labeled.