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9 Must-Have Computer Accessories For Home

While a computer or laptop setup is a good foundation for modern students’ tech needs, what about accessories and peripherals? You may forget to think about which computer accessories will make your school year easier. We’ve identified nine essential accessories for college-bound students at Staples.

Remote Keyboards and Mouse Pointers

Wireless keyboards or mice can transform any flat surface into an office desk. If you are strapped for cash (and who isn’t?), wireless keyboards and mice can turn any flat surface into a desk. It may be tempting to use your laptop’s built in keyboard and track pad. The Logitech 760 and Logitech 775 solar-powered mice are our favorites. They offer better ergonomics but also reduce your chance of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. Tracking pads are not as convenient as a good mouse.

Small Printers

While professors are accepting assignments via email, some prefer paper. Although your college may offer printing services, these services are not always available or free of charge. The small wireless printer can be easily mounted on a bookcase in a dorm room and pays for itself quickly.

Cooling Desks

A fan-powered, USB cooling desk is a smart investment for laptop users. You can use a cooling desk to keep your laptop cool and comfortable while you work.


While webcams won’t help you with your studies, they can be very useful for keeping in touch with loved ones back home. Your parents might be interested in Skype if you explain the benefits to them. You should make sure that you have established communication rules with your family before you go to college. Otherwise, Mom might be skyping inconvenient times.

Laptop locks

You might not want your laptop to be left unattended when you go to buy a cup of coffee or study in public. However, leaving your laptop unattended in public places is a recipe for disaster. With a combination lock and a cable made of galvanized steel, a portable laptop lock locks your laptop to tables or desks.

Storage Devices

Imagine yourself working all night on a major assignment in college. Imagine your laptop’s hard drive dying and erasing all trace of the assignment one day before due date.

College students need to back up their data. External hard drives are affordable and can be stored in small spaces. Many students opt to backup data to cloud storage services provided by their college or by independent companies.

A USB thumb drive with several gigabytes of storage is essential. A thumb drive can be lost or damaged, but it is useful for those times when files need to be transferred between your laptop and classroom computers.

Extra Laptop Batteries

A second laptop battery, like remote keyboards or mice, can be seen as an unnecessary expense when you are trying to save pennies on coffee money. You already have a battery, and can charge it by plugging it in. But do you realize how difficult it can be to find a coffee shop that has an outlet? In college auditoriums or libraries, the competition for outlets can be even fiercer. No matter where you are, an extra battery can keep you going. If you are looking for one, ensure it offers 6-10 hours of battery lifetime. These “5 Tips to Improve Battery Life Management” will help you manage your mobile device’s battery.

You might also want to move out of your dorm room to spend some time under the big tree in the quad. They are beautiful, but they lack electrical outlets.

Laptop bags

Although it’s not a laptop accessory, a comfortable and sturdy laptop bag is essential for college students. A bag that is lightweight and ergonomic will be ideal for you as you carry your laptop around from class to class. A laptop bag that is well-designed will also have enough room for books and other necessities.

These nine essential accessories will make sure you are ready for any professor’s request. There are excellent noise-canceling alternatives available, even for noisy roommates.

You need help choosing the right tech for your school or business. Staples offers the solutions in our Technology Tips & Advice section.