Leather Jackets

Men's Leather & Faux Leather Jackets

How to Choose a Leather Jacket
Choose a style first. The bomber jacket is designed for warmth and practicality. A jacket that is moto-inspired has more fitting details, making it less accommodating for layers underneath. A fatigue-style jacket is best if you need length. This leather coat is very stylish and will limit your wear options.
Consider the type of leather you require: If you are looking for a lightweight, soft jacket, you can choose from goatskin or calfskin. However, the heavier the hide is, the more susceptible it will be to tearing. If you plan on riding down the highway in lambskin, don’t.
A leather jacket by nature is casual clothing. It will not work in all situations, but it will work in most. It will not work in casual settings and it will look out of place at the boardroom. In casual settings, you can wear a bomber or moto-inspired jacket with a dress shirt, black trousers and leather shoes. Keep it brown or black leather. Remember this rule of thumb: The more embellishment on the jacket, you are more casual.

How to Fit a Leather Jacket
It doesn’t fit like a glove if it isn’t snug enough.

It should have enough “play” to ensure it doesn’t pinch or bind. But that’s it.
If you need warmth, a leather jacket should be worn close to your body.
Wear a hoodie underneath the jacket if you plan on wearing it. You’ll be uncomfortable later on when you pile on layers if you don’t allow for this allowance.
Jackets that are too large don’t hang well, so avoid them.
The leather jacket should be flexible and mould to your body. If you choose a longer jacket, your arms should be free to move. To look great on you, the jacket should fit properly from day one. Leather can’t be altered as easily as other materials so it is important to do it right.

How to recognize quality in a leather jacket
It is the thought that counts, and thoughtful details are it. They are a hallmark of the best leather jackets. Here are some things to look out for:

The price of a leather jacket is determined by the grain of the leather. Full grain leather is made from the entire hide of an animal. It does not contain any skin modifications and it retains its natural pattern. It also shows natural irregularities–scuffs, scars, and blemishes–that occurred during the life of its original wearer. This is why full grain leather has such a unique appeal.
Leather jackets made from top grain are most popular. The outer skin of full grain leather is separated from the under layers and smoothed to create an even surface. This creates a lighter, more flexible, and arguably more comfortable leather.
Topstitching is visible stitchery at the top or “right” of the jacket. A leather jacket that is exceptional in quality and price stands out from its less expensive counterparts with beautiful topstitching.
Lining: Low-quality synthetics are used for cheaper jackets. They are prone to deterioration and can breathe poorly. You will find a better-quality jacket made from leather that has separate lining materials for the sleeves and the body. The body is often more insulated than the sleeves.
Armholes: Look for armholes that are higher than the jackets. This allows for more movement and better fit. The jacket’s armholes will be further down than normal to limit arm movement.
Zippers: A cheap zipper can be a sign of a poorly made leather jacket.
It’s one of the great truths in life that you get what your pay for. A leather jacket that is exquisite lasts for a lifetime.