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Leather (Genuine) Handbags, Purses & Wallets for Men

How to choose the right leather bag ?

A bag’s primary purpose is to provide a convenient storage solution for those who are on the move. MAHI’s leather bags range from satchels that can carry books and laptops to traditional travel bags that can hold all the essentials you need for a weekend away.

The bag’s overall size is important, but additional features such as removable shoulder straps, side pockets, hidden compartments, or adjustable buckles for added security are also important. These are important features to consider when selecting a leather bag for a particular purpose. The MAHI Holdall is a great choice for gym bags due to its smaller pockets for valuables and the MAHI Satchel’s ability to hold a laptop.

It is entirely dependent on the intended use of the bag and your personal preference. MAHI Leather’s Weekender, Weekender, and Holdall bags are spacious enough for overnight or hand luggage. The smaller Backpack, Messenger, and Messenger bags are ideal for people who travel light and want to keep their possessions to a minimum.

To aid customers in their selection, each MAHI leather bag’s dimensions are clearly displayed. This is especially important when buying one of MAHI’s leather laptop sleeves. They are specially designed to fit devices with a 13″ screen or a 15″.

Leather has been a highly sought-after material for centuries. Price is determined by the quality, size and finish of leather products. MAHI Leather is proud to offer its customers luxurious leather at an affordable price.
MAHI Leather’s minimalist designs ensure that leather quality and texture are the main features of every bag. Each MAHI Leather bag is handcrafted and unique. No two leather cuts are the same. Customers are advised to care for their MAHI Leather bags regularly using a dry cloth to remove any dust.

Each MAHI Leather bag features subtle brass hardware and zips that give it a sophisticated, but eye-catching look. All accessories are lined in pure cotton.

Each bag is made from the highest quality leather MAHI Leather sources and excellent craftsmanship. It can withstand regular use and daily wear and tear. Bags made from 100% leather are strong and durable. Some MAHI Leather bags have detachable shoulder bands.