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Dash cam buyer’s guide

What is a Dash Cam?
A dashboard cam, also known as a dash cam, is a small camera that records the traffic ahead and behind you depending on your model. The purpose of dash cams is to give drivers peace of mind. Police and insurance can then find out what happened in case there was a collision, and make a determination on who was responsible.

How do dash cams work?
You can place dash cams at either the front or back of your car’s interior to record footage of what’s happening around it. The recording will continue looping, with any unimportant footage being overwritten by new footage. Halfords sells dash cameras with a built-in sensor, known as a “G-Sensor”, that detects any sudden changes in G-force. This is useful for detecting collisions between cars. A clip of the incident that triggers the G-Sensor will be saved to the memory and locked so it can be viewed without being overwritten.

Halfords dash cams can be powered by the car’s 12 volt power outlet. However, many models will have an additional battery to provide backup power. Our dash cameras come with a cable that connects to your outlet. However, a hard-wired dash camera is the best choice. One of our car tech specialists wires the dash camera directly to your car’s fusebox, leaving you free to use other outlets.

Is there any place where you can find dashcam footage?
Once your dash camera is connected or wired up, it will start recording footage and saving the video to a microSD card. You may not need to watch the footage if you are lucky. However, if you do have to view the footage after a collision, you can access the file the dash camera has marked as important. Simply connect your memory card and a Mac to view, copy or delete files.
Wi-Fi connectivity is available on some dash cam models. This allows footage to be viewed on tablets and smartphones.

Most of the Halfords dash cams include an SD card in the box. This information will be listed in product features. You should ensure that you have a compatible SD card if your dash cam does not include one. The MicroSD card buyer’s Guide provides a comprehensive overview of all the options available. You can also check out our helpful advice article for quick recommendations based upon your dash camera model.