Car USB charger

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How to Find the Best Car USB Charger

What’s a car USB charger anyway?
A car USB charger, a small adaptor that plugs in to the cigarette lighter/accessory ports on almost all cars, provides one or more USB outputs.
The 12-volt nominal output of the accessory port/cigarette lighter is converted by the car USB charger to the 5 volts needed for the USB supply.
The car’s 12-volt supply can fluctuate and experience spikes and surges due to other electrical systems. These are the risks that the car USB charger must protect from so that any USB ports connected to it will not be damaged.
The car USB charger is a basic device that can charge many devices, including smartphones, tablets, power banks and certain camera models. The cigarette lighter/accessory plug on your car’s cigarette lighter is only activated when the engine is running. This is to ensure that the car’s battery can not be accidentally discharged by leaving an appliance with a high current in it.
Some car USB chargers have more functionality. They can be used as a connectivity hub, connecting to music players and mobile phones. If your car does not have USB connectivity, this can be extremely useful. These devices may allow hands-free calls to be made.
These car USB chargers can be very helpful when using smartphones as satnavs and with apps like Waze. They tend to consume a lot of power as the screen is constantly on. They can also be used to charge tablets and keep children entertained on long trips.